Things that drive me nuts: the definition of single


I’ve mentioned this before somewhere I’m sure but I’m mentioning it again, because, quite frankly, it’s ridiculous. Mostly it’s in the fine print of one of those ‘feel good singles’ articles, you know the type that tells you people are staying single longer or some such. Usually I start to smell a rat around the part where they mention more single people are choosing to have children-read the fine print and you’ll discover that by single they mean not married. This is just stupid beyond words. What part of having an exclusive relationship is ‘single’? If we judged people this way in real life a hell of a lot more people would be single! Someone has a girlfriend/boyfriend? No worries they’re sill single! God. I’m sure the numbers would be infinitely more depressing if they actually only included actual single (my definition: someone who isn’t in a relationship) but at least they’d be honest. And then there’s the whole can of worms that is those ‘where are all the single women/men!’ interactive maps-pretty inaccurate if they class everything but married as single, I’m sure the results would be much different (not to mention more helpful) if they only included people who were unattached. 

Anyway rant over.



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