So at breakfast some guys were loudly discussing vibrators……..yeah. I don’t even know.
I also spotted my first real live hockey player (well I’m assuming……maybe he was just carrying a hockey stick and gear bag for another reason), as predicted he was cute. Have been around most of Vancouver now, it’s really beautiful, I wouldn’t like to live here though……it’s too busy for me, the suburbs might be okay though- you don’t tend to visit them when your doing touristy stuff 🙂
Tipping is still driving me nuts…….


4 thoughts on “Hmmmmm

    • Just that I don’t think of it, I’m never sure how much to tip etc-I’ve grown up without any form of tipping, you pay and that’s it. It’s just a small niggle that leaves me worried (did I leave the right amount? Was I meant to tip that person?) type of thing, it won’t kill me though. Oh and in aus they include all the taxes in the price not add it on at the register……weird 🙂

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