Lets talk new years resolutions shall we?


I kind of fail at new years resolutions. Usually I don’t have them as a) I suck at making lists, b) I suck at following through on lists and c) I usually don’t believe I’ll do whatever it is I’m making a list about. Yeah. I really need to work on that. Making goals is important. Achieving them even more so. In that vein I’ll do a new years res list and see what happens:
* Learn to cook a few more healthy recipes. I can cook but mostly it’s comfort food…..and I want to learn some light tasty recipes for if I’m living on my own.
* See the new hobbit movie in the actual cinema
* Keep posting on my blog
* Travel to Europe with my sister (this is tentative, my sister changes her mind like nothing else)
* Get my P-plates/provisional licence
* Use my new life planner!!!
* Wear my jewellery more often, it may not be worth $$$ but I enjoy it so I should wear it more
* Find a tinted moisturiser I like and learn to use it
* Tint my eyelashes
* Stop putting stuff down and forgetting it! I do this all the time with my phone and handbag…..it’s just a matter of time before they’re permanently gone!
But by far the biggest one of all:
* Figure out the whole university situation!
This is a multi tiered problem to solve, not the least of which is my own feeling that I just won’t succeed so why even try? I really need to work on getting over that. Period. So in breaking it down I can’t make the big decision up front so I’ve made a series of smaller steps:
* step one see a math/science tutor, show them the course out line, do some tutoring and see where they think I need to start ie pre-high school diploma, high school diploma or TPP
* Once I’ve done that I’ll enrol in which ever one is the most suitable. No excuses.
* If I fail try again. And again. Don’t just give up.

So that’s a start right?



7 thoughts on “Lets talk new years resolutions shall we?

  1. Alicia Joy

    Yay! Good luck! IMO, university was not even hard. The professors understand that you are paying A LOT of money to be there, so they hardly fail anyone, even those people who are abysmal and probably deserve it lol. Plus, you can always withdraw from courses! I had to do that with linguistics. I thought It was going to be a piece of cake course, but actually it was the hardest course of life >< wtf I couldn't understand one thing lol. Def not recommended.

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