Not so great really


I got some not great news yesterday. To start at the beginning, in this new town we’re living in (very small BTW under 3000 people) there just happens to be a uni tertiary prep teacher-not the prep I was looking at but one similar at a different uni- her husband is a math teacher. I’m glad they gave it to me straight, and it’s what I’ve been thinking anyway but still disappointing, they said it would make more sense and be better for confidence to start at ‘foundation skills’, or year 10 basically, before going on to tertiary prep and then ,ultimately, university. That could take 2 years, definitely a year anyway at the very least and likely a year and a half. If I was 22 or 24 I wouldn’t really worry about it, plenty of time to fit everything in. But at 27 soon to be 28 it puts a slightly different spin on things, mostly because I want to travel and for some reason working visas for australians seem to all cut off at 31. So if I do foundations skills at 28, tertiary prep for half a year at 29, then start a 3 year degree in the last half of 29 I’d be 32 at graduation. There are some ways around this, I could for example study a couple of years overseas, but the youth working visas will be lost to me. Is that a big enough deal to delay trying to go to school and try and travel first? Will I be too old at 32 to realistically enjoy the travel experience/have the social experience? Heck maybe I’m already to old for that! What is more important? What am I more likely to succeed at? Am I too old to be going back to year 10 skills? Am I too old to really ever grasp chemistry? Is it time to maybe think about trying something else? Is it time to buckle down and get it done once and for all?

I always feel embarrassed by thinking of going back to foundation skills…..I feel way to old for that…..I feel like people are judging me for having left school so early, I know it wasn’t my fault but I still feel guilty and embarrassed about it: like if only I’d been a stronger more resilient person it never would’ve happened.

This is really hard for me.

What do you guys think?



13 thoughts on “Not so great really

  1. I know you feel ashamed and embarrassed but if anyone else had to deal with your anxiety, they’d be in exactly the same situation. You are being strong and resilient now by trying to get back into education and to travel. You’re making a huge effort with this and that alone is something to be proud of.

  2. I agree with Gemma, the fact that you are making plans is a great thing in itself. I guess you just have think it over a little more and figure what you really want/need to do and what makes or will eventually make you happy.

      • Alicia Joy

        Hmm you’ve got hard decisions to make >< maybe the best thing for you to do would be to go on an exchange term in university and live overseas that way, although you would have to wait until year 3 I think. It's really the most stress-free way, you've got a built-in social circle and school is not as stressful as working. There are so many scholarships out there, you just have to look.

        I completed my last year of high school at home. It took me two years (lazy lol) and I worked full time simultaneously for most of it. I still went to Uni, it didn't affect my eligibility. Are there any homeschooling options? Then no one even has to know you're doing high school again. But then I don't really know what Foundations Skills is, maybe it's the same thing. We also have in Canada the GED – a magical, one-time test that grants a high school diploma. Do you have anything like that? You could skip the whole ordeal altogether! That's how my sister got her high school diploma, heheh 😊

      • Yeah I do!
        I think exchange or even transferring to on overseas uni would be great too. Exchange does have minimum GPA levels to be accepted though, so just passing your degree up to a point isn’t enough *shrugs* I have no idea what kind of GPA I’m looking at.
        As for doing year 10 there are a couple of options for doing certain parts via correspondence, but not all, and I’m not very good at doing things via correspondence so if I have to do some in class why not all-you know? I just don’t much like the idea of being stuck in a room full of 17 years olds *sigh*
        I don’t think working full time and studying school sounds lazy!
        And as far as I know we don’t have a GED here.

  3. totallylonely

    I definitely think you should finish your education (even if it takes two years) to qualify to apply to Uni….but could you defer Uni for a year (if you apply and are accepted to your chosen course) while you travel the world on your WHV? That means you can have the freedom of a year off, while still young enough to get a WHV, but still have a concrete plan in place for when you return. And BELIEVE me, you will most likely not be the oldest person on your course πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for weighing in πŸ™‚
      I’ve thought of doing that too….I thought maybe do the first year of uni and then defer? Hmmmmm something to think about! It’s nice to have people affirm I’m doing the right thing πŸ™‚
      And I hope you’re right about not being the oldest πŸ™‚

  4. totallylonely

    That’s also an option, but if you have (hopefully!) made friends at uni during your first year, and then disappear for a year, they will have moved on academically and (quite possibly) personally when you get back – you might find yourself in the position of starting all over again, again! Might be worth bearing in mind….

      • totallylonely

        That’s true, but at least if you have made a couple of friends, and then go and study abroad for a year or even a semester, you are still on the same academic level as them and can talk to them about it. If you’re abroad you can Skype classmates back home and talk about your course, that sort of thing (as well as chatting socially and catching up) and if you return to Oz to finish your course you will be in the same year as those you knew before you left.

        I guess it depends on how you think you would feel about it; if you just took a year out to travel after first year, would you be ok with still having a year of college to complete with a new bunch of people, when your classmates have already graduated? Don’t worry about your age, btw; I knew of a woman in her 50’s who was a medical intern, in classes with people who were young enough to be her children. These days, many people go back to college at all ages. You won’t be an anomaly.

        By the way, I totally think you should travel for a year, whatever you decide – I went abroad on my own and despite the initial ‘what the Eff have I just done’ moment when the plane was taking off, it was a great experience πŸ™‚

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