I suck at time management


It’s becoming very clear: I should never, ever be put in charge of trying to schedule my own time. I suck at it. I have a few things I’m meant to do before next lesson…….I have no idea when to do them. On the weekend? But its the weekend! When I get home? Nah too tired. On my half day off? Maybe, are there laws about that? In other words I agonise when the ‘best time’ is, spend even more time worrying that I’ll never have any free time again (note: worrying time could be free time. But that’s how I roll) and thus get nothing done leading to a mad panic. It’s super.
I really need to get it sorted though, it only the start and I’m only going to get more stuff, and I’m only doing 3 courses-some of the people in my class are doing 6 and working part time. They are either much better at time management than me, need less downtime than me or are aliens. Equal bets all ways I say.
Anyway my first week is done, so far english has been okay (and I met a nice girl to sit with!), math is in that iffy grey area: we did graphs the first week and I’m okay (on my math scale okay=not panic inducing, minimal sweating and only 20% stupid mistakes) at graphs but obviously we’ll be doing other stuff so this may change, biology has been the worst for a few reasons:
*The teacher: He’s really nice but I like someone to explain exactly what they want me to do, he’s more of the ‘read this, discuss with classmates and get answer’ this doesn’t work so great for me.
*The material: this is stuff I’ve never covered before in any form (even with math at least I’d seen/made a graph before) and theres a lot of it. That’s hard for me and I felt a bit lost at least twice in the class.
*The other students: I’d say 90% of them have taken biology in some context before, they seem to know a lot of the course content for example before today I’d never heard of Eukaryotic or Prokaryotic cells (handy hint: the difference is Eukaryotic has nucleus and organelle membranes! Or at least I think that was it…..) but the class was discussing them as if they already knew about them. I freaked out a little bit. Also there was some math involved that I didn’t know (volume, area and then dividing them to get…..I’ve forgotten, but you get the picture) which put me on the spot and made me uncomfortable. I hate looking stupid in front of other people.

Anyway that’s the lay of the land for now. I still feel unsteady and unsure but I hope it’ll get better.



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