Essay? No way.


Argh. So I’ve learnt a few things lately, the most important of which is that I’m not a writer. At all. Even when I want to write (i.e. this blog) I tend to be a bit slapdash at it, it often doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. On here that doesn’t matter too much… guys love me anyway right? But essays? Oh my god. They slay me. And I have what seems like an unreasonable amount of the suckers. So I’ve basically just come to say essays suck, anyone else have serious trouble writing an essay that doesn’t look like a complete mess? I hope I’m not the only one.
They say starting is the hardest part. They lied.


3 thoughts on “Essay? No way.

  1. I used to loooove writing essays. (Actually, many of my original blogs were more like essays; don’t have much of that in me anymore.) Now the thought of writing essays that someone actually grades gets a big ol’ heck, no out of me.

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