I be crazy


So I got my first assignment back, 72% or in a B-. Good right? Wrong. The more I think about it the more I panic-was it a fluke? Is the assignment I just handed in awful and not even a 10th as good? Will I ever get a better mark? Is that mark good enough? Can I keep that level? Am I crazy? Probably.
It’s so weird. Why do I do this?! Why worry about stuff I can’t change? I promised myself I’d be happy with a pass-this is better than a pass-but suddenly I want to do better and I’m worried I’ll quit if I don’t. I need to learn to be happy with ‘okay’ not ‘perfect’.


10 thoughts on “I be crazy

  1. A B is not bad but I know that you want something better, it was like that for me. I always got frustrated when someone who didn’t study much got higher marks. Well done anyways πŸ˜€

    • Yeah, but I sort of think that with my gaping gap in education that might be as good as it gets……..and I should be happy with it! I’ll keep trying and I hope I can keep it going. And yes people who don’t study, hate those guys!

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