I had to post about this


9 thoughts on “I had to post about this

  1. FiddlerOnTheRoof

    I ha a long comment typed out and WordPress ate it 😦

    Vanessa, this man was clearly mentally ill. He didn’t just wake up that morning and decide he was going to crash a plane full of innocent people into a mountain. He had a long history of depression and mental health treatment. (Whether he should have been flying at all is for another debate). You write about him like he was thinking rationally at the time, like he casually decided to kill himself and all those other people on a whim. Every fibre of our being is programmed for us NOT to kill ourselves. To go against that and take your own life shows us that something went wrong with that person’s thinking, their rationality. To do what Andreas Lubitz did shows us that something was VERY, VERY wrong. He wasn’t a selfish, cowardly human being. He wasn’t even a crazed psychopath. He was mentally ill and had been having treatment for years. Seriously – what person IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would do what he did? Nobody.

    In no way am I making excuses for what he did, he took nearly 150 other people with him. But I take issue with what you about him. It seems the stigma around mental illness just took a step back about 50 years 😦

      • I understand what you are saying, but I think you hit the nail on the head with ‘whether he should have been flying at all is for another debate’. Because I really don’t think it is, it’s pivotal. No one can tell me that a man who can qualify as a pilot, board a plane and his co-captain not notice anything off was not self aware enough to know he damn well shouldn’t be flying a plane. Maybe he had an episode up there and was completely unaware. I’m in no way attacking his mental illness, I’m saying if he was that mentally unstable he shouldn’t have been flying. I’d say the same if he had epilepsy or black outs or narcolepsy. The fact that he has been having treatment strengthens the fact he should have made the decision not to be flying planes.
        I’m in no way trying to imply mental illness makes one selfish or cowardly, it’s the fact that he knew he was sick and didn’t take appropriate action that is selfish.
        I hope that you aren’t too upset and understand what I mean. I was upset to think you thought I meant it that way. I’m always so careful what I post, maybe not careful enough it would seem.

  2. FiddlerOnTheRoof

    The man flew a plane full of people into the side of a mountain. I think it would be safe to assume that he was incapable of making a rational decision as to whether he SHOULD be flying or not.

    Look, none of this is going to change what happened. I just felt your post was very flippant and lacked any interest or awareness into WHY he may have done what he did, terrible as it was, and it got me a bit annoyed. Others may agree with your view, I just happen to disagree.

  3. FiddlerOnTheRoof

    Hi Vanessa, I see you have deleted or hidden your original post. While I may have disagreed with you, this is your blog and you are perfectly entitled to voice your opinion here without feeling like you have to completely censor yourself. Don’t let one random faceless internetter (ie me!) who disagreed with you make you feel like you can’t express yourself here. I certainly didn’t mean to make you feel like that 😦 I generally enjoy reading your thoughts and can identify with a lot of your posts. Just not this one πŸ˜‰

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