Happy birthday man


Tomorrow I turn 28. Every year for some reason I expect to be in a completely different place in life by my next birthday-oddly no matter how many things I do I feel much the same. I have a few more friends than this time last year. I have plans with a couple of friends, again more than I had this time last year. I’m living somewhere new, albeit still with my mother. I’m 2 weeks off completing my first term of school. I’ve just completed my 10th C25K run, so am about halfway. I’ve signed up to a tough mudder. But as much as everything has changed it’s stayed the same, I still feel nervous around people, I feel stupid on a more than regular basis, I’m never content with how I look, I still haven’t got my drivers licence and I definitely don’t have a boyfriend or the prospect of one.
Also I have an english test tomorrow. Happy birthday right?



8 thoughts on “Happy birthday man

  1. FiddlerOnTheRoof

    I used to be exactly the same – every birthday, I would say to myself “this time next year, I’ll have a boyfriend/a better job/be much happier”. Sadly, none ever came to pass, haha. I don’t make those promises to myself any more. But you’ve at least made a couple of friends and are doing the Tough Mudder. That’s a start, right?….

    • Yeah it’s almost surreal. This could be my 19th birthday or my 24th birthday……..I feel exactly the same for the most part.
      It is indeed a start, I sometimes wonder why people are my friend-I have no faith, I feel like they’ll be off the second they get a better offer. Hopefully achieving some goals will help my confidence.

  2. Birthdays can be really stressful. It’s hard not to think about all the things you still don’t have. But really try to focus on all the positives, and it sounds like you have quite a few. Happy Birthday!

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