About me


Hello 🙂
My name is Vanessa, but it was very nearly Velvet-my mum lost that particular fight. I can’t help but think my life would’ve been infinitely better if my name was Velvet, alas it is not. I’m 5’6 tall and an average weight, I’d tell you exactly how much but it seems like an over share somehow, I’m a size US 8 and an hour glass. I’m 26 27 29 years old (how did that happen?). I like sleeping. I like good asian food. I’m a good cook. I’m not a sweet tooth. I like reading. I like most music and can read music and play an instrument. My eyes are green and my hair is that nebulous shade dubbed blonette, what the hell is a blonette I hear you ask? Well a blonette is a dark ashy blonde that looks blonde in sunlight and brunette in the shade. It is quiet a soft unassuming shade, and I can’t be bothered dying it so that’s what it is. My hair has always been long, waist length or longer, never shorter.

I have very pale skin: read I burn just thinking about going in the sun and envy those lucky, lucky girls who can spend a day in the sun, with sunblock, and not get burnt.
I like lethal looking high heels but as I like my ankles intact and without metal pins I wear boring flat shoes instead.

I like jeans and T-shirts, I think Polka dots are cute and I really love quirky dresses……even if I don’t wear them that often.

I like simple jewellery, in silver but I don’t like gold.
I’ve never been on a date. I’ve never kissed anyone (if you exclude preschool kisses that is) and having told you that you can probably guess I’m a virgin. I’ve never had sex with anyone but myself. This doesn’t mean I’m naive-I have google and I know how to use it after all. But it is definitely unusual. I do hope to change it. Hopefully before I’m 30 but there’s no point putting time limits one these things-it just leads to panic. I know this from experience.
One day I hope I’ll get my love story, maybe even get to wear a fairytale dress

Until then you are welcome to keep up with my various misadventures and meltdowns 🙂



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