Life list


Life list
This is just a rough as I think of them list, I might neaten it up later, but it’s good to have goals in the meantime right?
Life list:
1 Figure out what I want to do. Be it uni or otherwise. I’m going to uni, I’ll rethink each year

2 Live overseas for an extended period of time (2-3 years)

3 Gain independence, feel confident and happy doing stuff on my own

4 Get my drivers licence Kind of, I don’t have my full license yet but I have a provisional license and can drive on my own-only a matter of time now

5 Learn to apply eyeliner. This may not sound hard. Do not be fooled 😉

6 Find a pair of ballet flats that fit. Mission impossible. I keep trying. Found some!

7 Develop my own style.

8 Feel confident in my own skin

9 Enjoy the small things and stop worrying so much

10 Complete a half marathon (the seawheeze is the one I’d like to do), this is a big deal as I’m a lazy creature at heart. My favourite activity? Sleeping. It’d be nice to get fit though.

11 Learn to ice skate. Those ice hockey players are using their sticks to stay upright. I swear.

12 Try and live life a little more, go to festivals, movies, picnics etc when the opportunity arrises and enjoy it.

13 Not be afraid to try because I might fail.

14 Be content to be myself and stop wishing I was someone else.

15 Learn another language. I’m thinking Russian (maybe french), but it’s apparently pretty hard.

16 Catch my education up to a point where it’s at least equal to a high school diploma-done

17 Yes that includes maths.Not the highest level but done

18 Have first relationship

19 Go to the beach and wear a swimsuit with confidence

20 learn to stand up paddle board-have had 2 lessons

21 go camping with friends-this could be happening soon

22 do a route 66 road trip

23 stay in a lake house with a swim raft

24 learn to scuba dive

25 snorkel with a whale shark and sea turtles

26 meet some of my internet friends Met my Canadian friend!

27 do 4th July in the USA

28 go to a fancy restaurant without feeling out of place

29 do a yoga class

30 learn to do a handstand

31 do Canada day in Canada

32 do a Canadian road trip

33 complete an Australian multiday hike

To be continued…….


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